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Friday, April 29, 2011

Whats your biggest pet peeve about going to the movies?

This week i want to know what your biggest pet peeve is when going to the movies. It could be from other people being loud and ignorant, babies crying, the price fo tickets, the food, drinks, the cleanliness of the theater. Anything really im just curious to get other peoples point of views. Its not just about watching a movie anymore because there are so many interruptions. Heres my thoughts.

I dislike going to the movies because number one it is outrageous what the prices are for a ticket, and god forbid you want to see a 3-d movie or one in an IMAX theater. I think spending near 20 bucks for a movie is just sick, and besides movies these days aren't worth it to me.

Second, you can never go to a movie, no matter what time, and not have someone being loud or just keeping your attention from the movie especially if it's good and you want to see it. The number one pet peeve for me in this case is younger people and parents who bring their kids/babies, its ridiculous, you obviously know a 2 year old isn't gonna be quit and watch something for a couple hours. So you shouldn't bring them.

That's about it for me, i dont care for the food or anything, i used to hang there when i was younger but now i go and get out. It kind of ruins the experience, but theres nothing you can do about it.

If anyone has similar ideas i would like to hear them and also get a response from my own. Tell me what you think and what you like or dislike.

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