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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Are movies becoming more raunchy?

Many movies in the recent years are proving to be more sexual and filled with more adult content. These raunchy movies range from any form of movie genre such as: drama, comedy, sci-fi, action, etc.. Even though this trend seems to be taking place, the question is why? In my opinion I believe it is the new generation of young adults that is now running the show, the more tickets that are bought to see this raunchy videos, the more film makers are inclined to make them to make money. So us, the viewers, are most likely the cause for this dramatic change in what content is shown and discussed in movies. An example of how this seems to only be affecting the younger and more youthful generation is from a very well known film critic, Roger Ebert. When looking through Roger's website and all the reviews he has done i noticed that anything he lists as a "great movie", is mostly all older films from the 90's to even the 20's. Not one of the movies made today has made his list, however the movies he doesn't choose remain to be the most "popular" in our culture. So, basically i used his website as a way to show and better explain my point about the movies today being for a younger audience or at least attract a different audience than the generation before. To look at Roger Ebert's site and check it out for yourself click here: http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=REVIEWS Now to move onto my broader point about movies being more raunchy than ones in the past. I found an interesting article written by Bob Fischbach, explaining how movies today are more raunchy and more specifically the "coming of age" movies. He explains we know that sex sells but how did we get to a point where we have such movies as Easy A, or SuperBad becoming blockbuster hits? Bob Fischbach says, "Did movies push us down that road? Maybe, but if so, they didn't have to push very hard. We're still in the drivers seat to determine what gets made, every time we buy a ticket." To read Bob Fischbachs article and more on what he has to say please click here: http://www.omaha.com/article/20100916/ENTERTAINMENT/709169963 In conclusion, it is obvious that movies are starting to become more sexual oriented and the more they become bigger hits, the more that will be made. Once again this only seems to be affecting the younger generations today, and with the older ones dieing off, the younger generations are the ones running the show now. Films are changing slowly but soon enough these raunchy films will become normal and unnoticed by society.

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